Difference Between Pickleball Grips and Tennis Grips

By: Brandon Fritze

The main difference between Pickleball grips and Tennis grips is that is that pickleball grips are typically smaller and designed for quick hand movements, while tennis grips are larger and provide more power and control.

In this article, we’ll explore the key differences and striking similarities between Pickleball grip vs Tennis grip, shedding light on how they impact your gameplay. So, let’s read ahead.

Differences between Pickleball Grips vs Tennis Grips

I have discovered the given 5 major differences between Pickleball Grips vs Tennis Grips. Move ahead to read each in detail.

1. Pickleball vs Tennis Grip Size

Pickleball grips are usually smaller and have a slimmer handle than Tennis grips.

This makes it easier for players with smaller hands like myself to hold the racket comfortably during a Pickleball game.

Pickleball Grip
Pickleball Grip

On the other hand, Tennis grips tend to be bulkier and can provide more stability and power which is helpful for the harder-hitting shots.

Tennis Grip
Tennis Grip

2. Common Grip Techniques

Pickleball players typically use the “Eastern grip,” where the index finger’s base knuckle rests on the handle’s top bevel.

This grip technique offers a handshake-like position on the racket which provides excellent control and maneuverability.

In contrast, Tennis grips present various options such as the “Eastern,” “Western,” and “Continental” grips, each suited for different shot techniques and spins.

I quickly adapted to the “Eastern grip” in Pickleball which felt natural and helped me improve my control on the court.

3. Control and Power

Pickleball grips excel at offering comfort and control during Pickleball games.

The smaller handle size enhances players’ ability to maneuver and direct shots precisely.

On the other hand, Tennis grips cater to a wide range of playing styles by providing varying levels of control and spin on the ball.

This versatility allows Tennis players to generate power and execute more aggressive shots.

I noticed that I could generate more power behind my shots with Tennis grips especially when using the “Western grip” for topspin.

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Similarities between Pickleball Grips vs Tennis Grips

Pickleball grips and Tennis grips share these seven similarities.

1. Grip Types

Both Pickleball and Tennis grips are ways to hold the respective rackets for playing each sport.

A good grip is essential in both games because it helps you control the racket and hit the ball effectively.

2. Comfort and Control

In Pickleball and Tennis, having the correct grip helps maintain comfort and control during the game.

When you hold the racket correctly, you can feel the ball better and make accurate shots.

3. Various Grip Techniques

Both sports offer different grip techniques to suit players’ preferences and playing styles.

In Pickleball, the most common grip is the “Eastern grip,” where the index finger’s base knuckle rests on the handle’s top bevel.

Similarly, Tennis provides various grip options such as the “Eastern,” “Western,” and “Continental” grips, allowing players to choose the one that works best for them.

4. Importance of Hand Placement

Whether it’s Pickleball or Tennis, how you place your hand on the racket handle matters.

Both sports emphasize consistent and comfortable hand placement to ensure better control and shot execution.

5. Adaptability for Players

Both Pickleball and Tennis grips can be adapted to suit different players’ needs.

Players can experiment with different grip styles to find the one that complements their playing technique and delivers the desired results.

6. Impact on Shots

In both sports, your grip can impact the shots you hit.

A good grip can help you add spin to the ball, control the direction of your shots, and generate power when needed.

7. Grip Pressure

Both Pickleball and Tennis players need to be mindful of their grip pressure.

Holding the racket too tightly can lead to tension and decreased control while keeping it too loosely might result in the racket slipping from your hand during a swing.

Final Thoughts on Pickleball Grips and Tennis Grip

While Pickleball grips vs Tennis grips share the importance of comfort, control, and shot execution, their specific techniques and impact on gameplay set them apart. You can elevate your skills and enjoy Pickleball by choosing the most suitable grip and mastering its nuances.

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